Record Fair Mix

For this article on Thump (in Dutch) I was digging on the famous Record Fair in Utrecht last Sunday with 70 euros in my pocket and I thought it would be fun to record a mini mix with the fresh scores, in which I tried to discover a nice flowing line from synthy jazz funk via percussion towards cheap zouk records and a kwaito track at the end.


1. Nostalgia – J-L Bucchi

From the library series, April Orchestra 13, also contains a nice fresh sounding instrumental version of Rock Monsieur and several other good tracks. Nostalgia reminded me a bit to how Marc Moulin plays his keys.


2. Deception – Alex Cima

Alex Cima, famous for his other super rare and re-issued album, but on this one is another nice track “Control”, that’s not on the other album, a guy was selling new (sealed) back stock copies for 2 euros.


3. Crazy – Lazara Kenmegne

Nice, quite experimental percussion record, private press from Paris (got it from Alwin, thanks!!)


4. Pieds – Jean-Pierre Bottura

Another private press from Paris, and a track with which I could make a nice transition from percussion to drums, the album also contains one longer weirder track, i think a live ‘free improvisation’ recording.


5. Pa Emilis (Hommage) – Claude Vamur

Claude Vamur, who started his drumming career at the Orchestre des Vikings de Guadeloupe, Le Ryco Jazz, and who played on Manu Dibango’s Soul Makossa and later joins Kassav’. This track is (by far) the best from this album.


6. Routoune En Bras En Mwen – Anzala

A traditional Gwoka singer songwriter and composer from Guadeloupe who decided in 1987 to continue in the zouk formula, which delivers this weird track with the nice twinkling synth sounds in the back.


7. Bel Toubonman – Experience 7

Sweet pop zouk tune from mediocre album.


8. Moune La Fait Moin Di – Georges Decimus

Classic Kassav’ sound / Carnaval on the flip has some amazing breaks


9. Non! Je t’aime – Kwak

Cool but sexy early 90’s boogie zouk slower with a hip hop edge, from France.


10. African Desperados – TKZee

Obscure kwaito white label, with a b/w copied label glued on top, from legendary TKZee crew, this track fitted best to finish this mix, but it also contains 2 more banging housy tracks.