Quirky Bollywood Edits

Last week I made another Bollywood edit, of ‘Aap Ke Deewane’ by Rajesh Roshan, which means ‘Crazy for You’, and the result has become quite crazy… like it starts with a weird kind of Hip Hop beat that flips into a house beat, to go back to that breakbeat. While reading about Rajesh Roshan I found he is a Punjabi, an ethnic group from the North West of India (and Pakistan) and their music Bhangra is dance-oriented popular music with typical Punjabi rhythms, that are close Hip Hop- and 4tothefloor beats. Punjabi music has always been of big influence on the Bollywood film scene, with many famous families working in Bollywood, and nowadays the Punjabi movies have (heavily US inspired) R’n’B and G-Funk sounding film scores.

And these are 2 older Bollywood edits of Bappi Lahiri tracks of the movie Karate: