Afrobot loves records and records love Afrobot. Records do anything to seduce Afrobot: they try to reach him via friends, via Youtube and other dj’s mixes and they’re sitting in record stores looking at him… You could say when a record got his interest, Afrobot starts working for it: he makes sure he gets it, he’ll record it in a mix and put it online, and if they found mutual love, they grow from each other. Afrobot might produce his own extended ‘Afrobotic’ edit of it and he will play the record for you at a party!

Update: Early 2022 Afrobot changed dj name into Robotic AF

On this blog I share some thoughts on my latest discoveries, provided with new edits and mixes. Although the word ‘musicology’ suggests some kind of science, most of the stuff will be presented from a (subjective) personal perspective in order to try to explain what fascinates me in a certain track, record or genre and/or to get new ideas.
And I run the label AM Records ( https://afrobotic.bandcamp.com/ ), related to this blog.

For questions, remarks, inquiries or bookings you can contact me > him[at]roelandotten.com

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