04AM is out now!

End of January this year I received a message from the young dj and producer Perdu, artist name of Alain van der Born, who sent me a folder with some tracks he’d been working on, under which his take on Chicco’s I Need Some Money. This bubblegum track was Chicco’s first hit in Johannesburg, giving a voice to people from the townships and the dancefloor track was accompanied with a video clip featuring early examples of the new style of dancing that would become big: Pantsula dance. Perdu provided the track with a delicate intro and rearranged it with new percussion, synths and deeper basslines.

In March Perdu delivered his second edit for 04AM. Zaya is an edit of a track by Step Ahead in which he really liked the vocals of Negro Mlotshwa that fit perfectly with the vocals of the female vocalist Norea Mabuela. He changed the arrangement and renewed the drums, bass and quantized the song manually. Furthermore there is not much known about this small band from the suburbs of Johannesburg, except that they made this killer EP in 1987!

On the flip side of 04AM there are two edits by me: New Beat is an edit of Africaspagnaraiasiasalsasong that I cleaned up as I removed many samples, like the Arabic themes, Spanish guitars and many more vocal samples, trying to keep only the African and more abstract samples in.
The second track, Jungle, is a mash up between the Ben Liebrand’s Jungle version of Cha No Yu and African Lightning by The New Markets. The originals of this B side are actually all quite gimmicky tracks, but with those cool old school ‘New Beat’ beats, for which I wanted to give them a second chance.

Frank made another nice drawing for the sleeve and the limited release is/was available in Bordello a Parigi, Sound Metaphors, Phonica, Red Light Records, Rushhour, Juno, Chez Emile, Decks amongst others – run, they go fast!