Keep the Noise Down (My Baby is Sleeping)

First post of the year. Just before NYE was going through my new wave section picking records to mix with house and techno for my graveyard shift at BAR between 8 and 10AM the next morning (which was wild 🙂 )…and I got distracted by all the nice interludes and spacy intros with weird sounds and subtle loops and experimental instrumentation.. and I got this idea for a new series of mixes to make this year: Keep the Noise Down

I’m not going to explain here what can be heard in these collages, that would ruin it all… In this series I try to create more ambient feeling soundscapes, they contain parts of texts, probably you’ll listen to it more as to a radioplay… I think I can do this with most of the genre-sections in my collection, this first one is done with records from the experimental rock – new wave shelves.

The way I mixed them is mostly by looking for similarities in sounds and atmospheres and listening back to the recording I was surprised how different I experienced this part of my collection, otherwise than looking for nice beats, for ‘club potential’.

Keep the Noise Down will be the name of the series, the subtitle will change each time. This first one (My Baby Is Sleeping) is a big shout-out to all new-daddies-in-music I find myself surrounded with these days, some became recently, many are already a couple of years going strong… The daddies that are recording sounds, making music, mixing music, releasing music, selling music, broadcasting music, writing about music, you know who you are!
This one is for you 😉 To everybody: Make it a good new year!

Keep the Noise Down (My Baby Is Sleeping) by Afrobot on Mixcloud